Antoine Hugot – Vingt-cinq Grandes Études ouv. 13

These études were published posthumously. Legend says these were adapted from Antoine Hugot’s (1761-1803) works and later transcribed by Antoine August Bruyant (1827-1900), an oboist who had studied with Gustave Vogt (1781-1870).

I had thought these were adapted from Hugot’s works. I’ve looked through op. 8, op. 12, the op. posthume I have, Hugot & Wunderlich, Concerto 1, Concerto 2 and Concerto 4 and so far, none of these pieces has turned up.

  1. Adagio – Allegro brilliante (d minor / D major)
  2. Allegro poco assai (F major)
  3. Allegro (C major)
  4. Adagio con espressione (E minor)
  5. Presto (E minor)
  6. Allegro spiritoso (Bb major)
  7. Allegretto poco vivace (G major)
  8. Allegro agitato (d minor)
  9. Allegro (A major)
  10. Adagio con espressivo (C minor)
  11. Allegro risoluto (A minor)
  12. Allegro poco moderato (E major)
  13. Allegro espressivo (B minor)
  14. Allegretto (G major)
  15. Allegro poco maestoso (E-flat major)
  16. Adagio con espressione (B-flat minor)
  17. Allegro poco vivace (B-flat major)
  18. Allegro con espressione (F-sharp minor)
  19. Rondo Allegro (A minor)
  20. Allegro molto (B major)
  21. Polonaise: poco moderato (G major)
  22. Allegro risoluto (G minor)
  23. Grazioso con variatione (D major)
  24. Largo con espressione (F minor)
  25. Allegretto poco presto (D minor)

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